Hello! I’m Molly. It’s nice to meet you.

In 2011, I gave birth to twins three months early. They spent 5 months in the NICU. When they came home with feeding tubes and various medical needs, I knew I needed to find out why I got sick every time I ate. I found a doctor willing to check me for delayed food allergies. I realized I was allergic to milk (I used to break out into hives as a young child), eggs, casein, and gluten intolerant. I immediately started searching for what I could eat and how I could modify recipes. Over the years, I’ve shared recipes with friends and family with the desire to start a blog. I hope you enjoy my recipes as much as my family does.

Published by

Molly Rahe

Hi! My name is Molly. I am a mom of twin girls born 3 months premature, wife, musician, singer, violinist, intuitive, teacher, and sound healer. Fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, and food allergies have taught me perseverance and have given me a determination to not allow these obstacles to stand in my way. Life has been a journey of ups and downs, obstacles, and victories. I'm learning a lot. The biggest lesson I have learned is to let go and follow my heart and soul. I know in doing this, it will lead me in a direction of honoring my truest self. Tune in with me as I share my life's journey, insights, lessons, ​and recipes that are teaching me how to be healthy and free.

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